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A brief about Appollo Holdings

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Appollo Holdings is a diversified Group with investments in a wide variety of ventures and businesses which include Export of Spices and Allied Products, Interior Solutions, FMCG Distribution, Animal Fed, Hardware and Welding Products and Inbound and Outbound Tourism. With approximately 120 workers in employment at the moment, Appollo Holdings is making giant strides in a number of sectors island-wide.

The FMG sector of the Appollo Holdings Group was first established in 2012 with a team of professionals endowed with over 25 years of industry experience in the marketing and distribution of packaged goods field to consumers. Our distribution covers the General Trade, Modern Trade Wholesale and HORECA channels across Sri Lanka. Our extensive and wide-reaching distribution network covers about 19,000 outlets all over the country. We are also the sole agents for Bakels bakery ingredients and LOTTE Confectionary.

Apollo Holdings is supervised and headed by a team of passionate individuals with a keen eye for business and newer opportunities. Our company is built on the belief and proactive approach of pushing frontiers and introducing new product portfolios. With expertise in research, sourcing, sampling and product development, our team is always on the lookout for innovations and opportunities as well as methods to introduce safer products to the public and to our valued clientele base.

With dedicated customer service and a continuous commitment to improvement, we, at Appollo Holdings, always seek to introduce new brands and products to the market. As a multinational company, we are always open for prospects on working with different partners across the globe. Our team is always interested in expanding our range of products and we welcome offers for the distribution of new products.


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